What is Family-Friendly?

What is Family-Friendly? Fiction novels safely enjoyed by either teenagers and/or adults. The books can be any of the following, or a combination: Humorous; Serious; Comedy; Drama; Sweet Romance; Suspense; Thriller; Mystery; Historical; Contemporary; Fantasy; Science Fiction; Futuristic; Paranormal; Steampunk; Dystopian; Christian. What isn't appropriate for family-friendly novels? No sex scenes, please.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Grateful for Books Blog Hop!

Hi guys! Welcome to the last blog hop of 2015! We've been so grateful to hop with you. You've been there with us through it all, and it my sincerest hope that you have left with new authors and books to follow! 

Join us as we show our gratefulness for all things books! Stop by each of the blogs on this tour and see what they're giving away! Don't forget to tell us what makes you so grateful for books! 

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  1. One of the reasons I'm so grateful for books, is that through them I get to visit so many places I'd never get to see otherwise!