What is Family-Friendly?

What is Family-Friendly? Fiction novels safely enjoyed by either teenagers and/or adults. The books can be any of the following, or a combination: Humorous; Serious; Comedy; Drama; Sweet Romance; Suspense; Thriller; Mystery; Historical; Contemporary; Fantasy; Science Fiction; Futuristic; Paranormal; Steampunk; Dystopian; Christian. What isn't appropriate for family-friendly novels? No sex scenes, please.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Angel Blog Hop

Welcome to Candle Light Blog Hops! Are you a hopper? Want to win prizes? Discover new authors? Get into the Christmas spirit! Come hop with us and share your memories of Christmas cheer to enter our contests. Each site is responsible for their own giveaways so follow the instructions the author gives to be entered. Thanks so much for coming and I can't wait to hop with you! 

Are you an author of sweet romance, Christian fiction, or family-friendly novels? Do you want to get more visitors/network with readers? Sign up on the linkylist below. Post an article about the theme described below, offer a prize, include the image on this post in your post. Also include a link back to Candlelight Reads, and instructions for your hoppers on how to enter your contest as well as a picture/description of the prize (I recommend keeping it simple by having the hoppers comment on your blog). It can be an Amazon gift card, a swag pack full of goodies... whatever you want to give away. You are responsible for choosing your own winner/s randomly. I recommend using Research Randomizer or to sign up for a free Rafflecopter.

December 13-16:

Title: Christmas Angel
Theme: What is a favorite Christmas memory? Was there a special Christmas moment that seemed heaven-sent...or touched by an angel?

We'll have fun. Can't wait to hop with you!