What is Family-Friendly?

What is Family-Friendly? Fiction novels safely enjoyed by either teenagers and/or adults. The books can be any of the following, or a combination: Humorous; Serious; Comedy; Drama; Sweet Romance; Suspense; Thriller; Mystery; Historical; Contemporary; Fantasy; Science Fiction; Futuristic; Paranormal; Steampunk; Dystopian; Christian. What isn't appropriate for family-friendly novels? No sex scenes, please.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome to a Spring in Your Step Blog Hop!

With Spring comes shedding those thick winter coats and daring to venture outside.  How do you celebrate spring? Do you lounge outside and read?  Or do you and your family plan new and adventurous activities to get out and get going? What is it that you like to do?  Or even a character in your books?

Find out what our hoppers like most about Spring time!  Follow these awesome blogs below and entire to win some really cool prizes!